Exploring Islamic Knowledge

Academic Publication

AFKAR Journal

The AFKAR Journal publishes peer-reviewed papers by established and emerging scholars worldwide exploring Islam’s diverse contributions to human civilization.

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Educational Outreach

AFKAR Foundational

We are developing thought-provoking foundational curriculum and training programs aimed at cultivating the next generation of Muslim researchers and intellectuals grounded in Islamic knowledge systems.

Research Projects

Unlocking Wisdom

We are pursuing rigorous research projects that allow our founding scholars to uncover and elucidate Islamic philosophical wisdom through the lens of their respective specializations.

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Lecture Series

AFKAR Luminaries

Renowned scholars share their perspectives at our free public lectures held in collaboration with various institutions. Recordings are available online for global access.


How does Afkar Institute blend tradition with modernity?

Afkar Institute combines age-old Islamic scholarship with contemporary research methodologies to create a unique educational experience.

Are the programs at Afkar Institute flexible for working individuals?

Yes, we offer flexible program formats to accommodate the schedules of working professionals and students alike.

What is the vision of Afkar Institute?

The institute aims to materialize the profound insights of the Quranic vision in the modern, evolving world.

How can I get involved in research at Afkar Institute?

Reach out to our research faculty to explore opportunities for collaboration and participation in groundbreaking studies.

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